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Big Ticket Abudhabi

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All stories entered via our website are subject to the Dear Big Ticket “Terms and Conditions.”

Participants are requested to read the “Terms and Conditions” carefully and raise any queries to before submitting their stories. Your participation in Dear Big Ticket through story submission constitutes the acceptance of the “Terms and Conditions.”

The following Mechanics apply to stories submitted in our website.

    1. Only individuals residing in the UAE, irrespective of the nationality, are eligible to participate in Dear Big Ticket. Individuals living outside of the UAE who wish to participate or be involved in any of Dear Big Ticket’s programs, Big are automatically disqualified.
    2. Individuals participating in Dear Big Ticket must be at least 18 years of age or older.
    3. Individuals eligible to participate may submit a story about themselves or on behalf of another individual. The subject of the story, however, must also be a resident of the UAE.
    4. Individuals submitting a story on behalf of a minor must be of legal age (at least 18 years of age or older).
    5. All employees and immediate family members working for Big Ticket, its affiliates, vendors, suppliers, contracted individuals involved in working on Dear Big Ticket are not eligible to participate in Dear Big Ticket.
    6. By participating in Dear Big Ticket, the participants and other individuals involved in the story submission authorize Big Ticket Abu Dhabi to disclose and publish as is deemed appropriate information such as their names, photos, videos, etc. This information can be disclosed to any person(s) and in any mode or manner as Big Ticket may deem appropriate. Refusal to allow Big Ticket to provide these will lead to disqualification from Dear Big Ticket.
    7. By participating in Dear Big Ticket, participants waive their rights to claim intellectual property and financial or material benefits from the video stories that will be produced as website and promotional material for Dear Big Ticket.
    8. By participating in the Dear Big Ticket, the participants acknowledge that all information disclosed by them shall be directly to Big Ticket Abu Dhabi, on its official domain and solely for the use of Big Ticket Abu Dhabi. Star Asianet Middle East FZ LLC, its affiliates and permitted assigns shall under no circumstances whatsoever be made liable in case of any direct or indirect loss, injury, claim, liability or damages of any kind whatsoever arising on account of divulgence of information shared by the participant to Big Ticket Abu Dhabi.
    1. There will be 20 shortlisted participants out of all story submissions, of which a background check will be conducted prior to being confirmed as one of the 20 shortlisted stories to ensure all pre-requisite criteria are met (Mechanics 1-7). Inability to meet all pre-requisite criteria will result to disqualification.
    2. Shortlisting of the 20 stories will consist of a selection committee of officers from Big Ticket, AsiaNet and Abu Dhabi Duty Free.
    3. The 20 shortlisted stories will be produced as short infomercials that will distributed in Star and AsiaNet’s TV channels, Big Ticket and Star/AsiaNet’s websites and Big Ticket and Star/AsiaNet’s social media pages.
    4. Public voting can only be done through Dear Big Ticket’s website.
    5. Public voting can be done as a guest or a registered user.
    6. Users may have a maximum of three favorite stories at any given batch of released stories. Each user is allowed only one vote per favorite story.
    7. All votes are monitored. Multiple votes per user on the videos / stories will be counted as one vote only.
    8. Public voting dates will be announced on this website.
    1. Five stories with the most votes will have their wishes granted.
    2. The five winning stories will be produced as infomercials and will be available for viewing on  Star and AsiaNet’s TV channels, Big Ticket and Star/AsiaNet’s websites and Big Ticket and Star/AsiaNet’s social media pages.